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Free simulation game

Mr.TomatoS is a feeding simulation game where you basically just give what Mr. Tomato wants, be it solo food or blended. The game, developed by OXTORD games, is designed in the style of old web flash games, giving you a nostalgic feel while playing.

The gameplay is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is keep Mr. Tomato happy by feeding him. However, there are some twists and challenges that make the game a little more exciting, especially when you feed Mr. Tomato the wrong food. You can also reset the game for different endings. 

Hilariously challenging

Mr.TomatoS' art is very sloppy and sketchy, and it seems like it was made using MS Paint. However, it really matches the style and humor of the game, so it can be easily ignored. Meanwhile, the gameplay is pretty straightforward. However, the instructions can be really confusing for first-time players because there are a lot of things going on. 

You navigate through the game using your mouse. The left mouse button is used to both grab food and drop it in its place, either to feed Mr. Tomato or to use the blender. You use the blender to combine different food, but not all food can be combined together, and you can only blend two different products at the same time. 

After that, you earn points every time you make Mr. Tomato happy by giving him what he wants. These points will be used to buy different items in the shop, which you visit after every round. As you progress, the foods are hidden in bags like mystery items, so you have to guess which is the right one. Every mistake makes him angry until he becomes a devil tomato.

Funny with a scary twist

Overall, Mr.TomatoS is a really fun game where you just sit and think everything is easy until it’s not. The mystery items add a challenging twist after two rounds of incredibly easy food demands. However, the game gets even more difficult when his anger reaches 10 points, and he becomes a monster who eats body parts, with a matching devil voice that can easily scare kids.


  • Classic web flash design
  • Straightforward gameplay
  • Challenging twists
  • Multiple endings


  • Confusing instructions
  • Sloppy visuals

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Mr.TomatoS for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 3.0
  • 4.2
  • (469)
  • Security Status

User reviews about Mr.TomatoS

  • Youshou

    by Youshou

    Requires admin access to just launch. Thats a security risk I am not willing to take.

  • Théo Gutemberg

    by Théo Gutemberg

    oi, gostaria de saber , porque, apos dar game over, o jogo nao abre mais, na real ele abre e fecha


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